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Chimney Inspection to Make Your In-Home Celebrations Comfortable

Chimney Inspection to Make Your In-Home Celebrations Comfortable

A certified chimney inspection in Illinois is one of the key ‘to-do’s’ for the holidays. The last thing you need are a bunch of complaints because it’s too cold. There’s a cold draft coming from the fireplace. Or the fire is nice and warm, but the kids playing are starting to cough because there’s a backup of smoke coming into the home. Now you have to open the windows and everyone is cold again. There are enough stresses the host must deal with, do we need to add another one?

What is a Certified Chimney Inspection?

According to the CSIA, a certified chimney inspection is an evaluation of the chimney or venting system to assess its condition and determine if it’s fit for use. Superior Chimney is certified by the CSIA to perform chimney inspections and chimney sweeps as well. What this means for you is that our technicians are trained to adhere to the NFPA 211 standard which states that the chimney and venting systems are to be inspected each year regardless if it’s a woodburning gas or unused fireplace and chimney.

Chimney Inspection Levels

A Level 1 inspection is the minimum required. How do you know this one is for you? A certified chimney inspection is when you have your chimney swept and inspected each year. Nothing has changed, you use it (or don’t use it) any differently than in the past.

A Level 2 inspection is when a change has been made to your system. This can include a change in the type of fuel being used such as changing over from gas to woodburning or from not using the fireplace to using it even if it is only once per year. Another change can also be the change to the shape of the flue or you had a new flue lining installed which is different that what you had prior.

A Level 2 is also necessary if you sold your home or if there’s been a tornado, bad storms or those (once in a few years) earthquakes.

Level 3 inspection is for more serious hazards and issues. The normal technician tools won’t do and they need special tools in order to inspect closed out portions that can’t be viewed easily.

Reason for a Yearly Inspection…

One of the main reason your chimney and fireplace needs an inspection…regardless if you use the fireplace or not…is the winter freeze thaw cycles. This is when the air temperature drops to 32 degrees or below to freeze the rain and/or snow and then goes right back up in temperature for the rain and/or snow to thaw.

As we have all experienced, winter and early spring are the perfect times of year to experience the freeze thaw cycle.


Now that you know the stress your chimney and fireplace goes through each year, be sure to get it swept and inspected by a certified chimney technician from Superior Chimney. This will keep the holiday complaints down to a minimum. Contact us today at 877-CHIM-FIX (877-244-6349)

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