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Keeping a Dry Chimney for Santa

Keeping a Dry Chimney for Santa

Kids are telling their parents, “We need a dry chimney for Santa.” Many parents disregard the comment as there is nothing wrong with the fireplace or the chimney. Right?  Every year with a pinch of Santa’s nose, he travels through thousands and thousands of chimneys and into the homes to leave ‘wished for’ presents for children. Some kids are half asleep…half-awake when Santa comes, and they have noticed how Santa has black stuff on his face, hat and coat. Children instinctively know that better preparations must be made in order to keep Santa safe and dirty-free.

Special Meeting on Keeping a Dry Chimney

Once a year, Santa meets with the Technicians at Superior Chimney to ensure a dry chimney for a safe passage. Too many times, poor Santa came out of the fireplace with wet goopy soot and streaks of creosote all over his red jacket, hat and beard. Nobody likes a wet Santa. His ho, ho, ho gets a little less jolly.

Meeting with the Big Guy

At Superior Chimney, we have the privilege of personally meeting Santa as he prepares the Christmas route for the sleigh and all of his reindeer. During our meeting, Santa shares homes in Illinois that needed to be tended to prior to his arrival. We all need to take care of Santa, so keeping the chimney dry makes it much easier for a smooth and dry entrance and exit. “Make it quick,” he asked. “We don’t want a slushy Santa dripping dirty water in the next home.”

A Wet History

During our meeting with Santa, he shared with us a story from his experiences. He shared, “I brushed off the soot from my beard and my boots when I jumped from the cold, which soon became moot. It was sloshy and wet and gave me the chills as it made its way from my side to my foot.” We knew right away that poor Santa went into a chimney that had a water leak.

The water leak can come from a missing chimney cap, taken by no other than the green character chap. But let’s not put the full blame on Grinch as deterioration and repairs can happen in a cinch.

Getting the Word Out

As Superior Chimney shares Santa’s story to all of you this week, get your chimney swept to find the small leak.

Be sure to contact Superior Chimney to ensure safe passage for Santa and a drip free party for your family and friends. From all of us at Superior Chimney, we wish you all a Happy Holidays.

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