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Getting to Know Some of Your Service Technicians at Superior Chimney

This past week, I went out just about every day with a couple of our crews on service calls. The purpose was to shoot some videos in order to bring to you a bit of “what you can expect” from Superior Chimney. Over the next few months, you will get the chance to watch a chimney sweep, partial chimney rebuild, and a total chimney rebuild.

The trips out with the service technicians also provided some insights that I thought would be of benefit as you begin to make your choice as to who to call for Fall service.

  • Longevity & Experienced. Many of the workers have been at Superior Chimney for years. That speaks volumes. All technicians go through a long training period, anywhere between 2-3 years ensuring the process and most scenarios are experienced.
  • Clean. You have to wonder if they are as clean at home as they are on the jobsite. Cleaning, repairing and rebuilding chimney’s is a dirty job. No other way to say it. However, I saw the steps they took ensuring the inside and outside of the home was covered, protected and clean. Never saw garbage of any sort.
  • Process Driven. When I asked the question, “What are we doing here today?” Each one knew exactly what was needed at the home and knew precisely the process. You might say, “Well of course, they do it every day.” Yes…and no. Yes, they service chimney’s every day but each scenario is a little different. The service technician needs to access the chimney before and during the service in order to adjust quickly and accurately so the job is done right.
  • Really nice guys. I had the experience to meet 4 of the technicians and each one was as nice and genuine as the next one. It was clear the quality of person that Superior Chimney hires. Each technician certainly knew what they were doing on the jobsite, but their ‘caring’ came through. They cared about their quality of work, they cared that the homeowner was satisfied with their work and they cared to communicate thoughtfully with the homeowner. The bottom line…each job was done right the first time.

A big thanks to the wonderful gents that put up with me this week. It was a pleasure getting to know you and watch you work. An even bigger thanks for allowing me to videotape even if it was a bit uncomfortable. You all handled it like the pro that you are.

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