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A Special Q & A on Gas Fireplaces in Hot or Warm Weather

Gas fireplaces are many times found in homes, condos and townhomes. There’s a common misunderstanding with gas fireplaces…maintenance. All gas fireplaces need to be maintained, even if you don’t use your gas fireplace.

Q:  The gas fireplace has only been used a couple of times in the past few years. Can I just use it?

A:   If the fireplace has not been used, it’s best for a certified service technician from Superior Chimney to come out and inspect it. Dust accumulation throughout the chimney and fireplace system occurs and can cause problems if not cleaned and swept properly. In addition, leaves, debris and animals can cause obstructions. If you light the fire without it being checked…I’ll let your imagination do the rest.

Q: There’s a musty smell in the house and it was found coming from the gas fireplace.

A: Moisture can be a problem. If you’ve checked

gas fireplace

the humidity levels, Chicago seems to be above the 50% mark regularly. With rain, count on 80% – 100% humidity. Even with the air conditioner on, the cool dry air is not going up the chimney.

Using a gas fireplace or not, moisture sitting in the chimney or behind the glass enclosure builds up creating a variety of stinky smells. Try to get some fresh air into the space. Then call Superior Chimney to check the damper or chimney cap. It may be faulty and need replacing. We’ll also let you know if the chimney needs to be cleaned and swept.

Q:  What does negative air pressure mean?

A:  This problem comes up a lot during the summer months, especially if you’ve made any home improvements. Everything is made to ‘seal’ up the home. However, it can be sealed up too tight that even the mildest odor coming from your gas fireplace has no place to escape.

Again, it’s best to have a certified service technician from Superior Chimney to check the damper or chimney cap. If not sealed properly, that can be one of the causes.

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