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What Does 3 Levels of Fireplace Inspection Mean

What Does 3 Levels of Fireplace Inspection Mean

Fireplace inspection? Who wants to think about a fireplace inspection in the summer? Well, without a fireplace inspection, your home is at risk for serious damage regardless if you have a wood burning or gas fireplace. This damage can be as minor as replacing mortar or as big as rebuilding the chimney. An annual inspection […]

Do I Need to Clean a Gas Fireplace?

Is it necessary to clean gas fireplace in Illinois? It’s intuitive that the dark black buildup of combustion needs to be cleaned from a typical wood burning fireplace, but is it needed to clean a gas fireplace? It’s gas…right? Gas fireplaces do not have a visible buildup of combustion, but should be cleaned at least […]

Top 5 Reasons for a Spring Chimney Cleaning

Top 5 Reasons for a Spring Chimney Cleaning

It is now spring in Chicagoland, which means it’s the perfect time to call Superior Chimney for your spring chimney cleaning! Spring is the perfect time to clean your home from top to bottom. Many choose to do it in correlation with the changing weather. After staying home all winter, it feels refreshing to go […]

What Services are Performed in a Chimney Sweep? Part 2: The Outside

As promised, here is part 2 of “What services are performed in a chimney sweep?” Part 1 includes the basics of chimney sweep services performed inside of the home, and Part 2 includes the basics of chimney inspection services outside of the home. Both Part 1 and Part 2 will give you the complete overview […]

A Chimney Holiday – For and From the Kids

Did you know…   That as the holiday’s approach, our certified service technicians are asked 1-2 times more questions about the fireplace and chimney? We have found that the increase in questions come from a special age group: Under 7. Chimneys and fireplaces are a sensitive topic for the 7 and under. There’s a lot […]

A Special Q & A on Gas Fireplaces in Hot or Warm Weather

Gas fireplaces are many times found in homes, condos and townhomes. There’s a common misunderstanding with gas fireplaces…maintenance. All gas fireplaces need to be maintained, even if you don’t use your gas fireplace. Q:  The gas fireplace has only been used a couple of times in the past few years. Can I just use it? A: […]

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