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Top 5 Reasons for a Spring Chimney Cleaning

Top 5 Reasons for a Spring Chimney Cleaning

It is now spring in Chicagoland, which means it’s the perfect time to call Superior Chimney for your spring chimney cleaning! Spring is the perfect time to clean your home from top to bottom. Many choose to do it in correlation with the changing weather. After staying home all winter, it feels refreshing to go outside and breathe in the fresh air, buy new things and clean up from the seasonal winter mess.

With the rain storms rolling in throughout Chicagoland, your chimney is at risk of water and humidity deterioration. Is your chimney prepared for the shift from cold to warm weather? From ice to rain? Winter is hard on chimneys, since they are used heavily throughout this season and wear down quickly due to its structure being made of porous material. Without the appropriate inspection, a chimney can be susceptible to quick deterioration which may lead to a complete chimney rebuild.

How should you start your spring chimney cleaning project? Check out this list of 5 things you should inspect (with the help of our Certified Professionals) to begin.

1. Check the outside of your chimney. If your chimney is looking worn down, you’re likely in need of chimney repairs. The masonry on the outside of the chimney may look flattened and curved on the sides, where it was once structured and pointed. There may be large or small cracks on the masonry. A chimney is made of porous material. Water settles inside the cracks. Based on the temperature outside, the water may turn to ice, then melt, causing the porous material to expand and shrink through freeze thaw cycles of winter. This seriously damages the chimney and any sign of external deterioration is in need of professional repair.

2. Creosote buildup in the flue. Creosote is leftover residue from the process of combustion. It is highly flammable and causes smoke buildup inside. It’s possible for dangerous gasses to build up inside the home from creosote as well. Creosote is one of the leading causes for chimney house fires. A Certified Professional from Superior Chimney must inspect the flue, or inside of the chimney, to determine if it is in need of service.

3. Wildlife in the flue. During the winter time, animals may make their way down your chimney for a warm place to live during the cold months. If you haven’t used your chimney much this winter, there may be debris from a nest inside the chimney. A certified Chimney Professional will check for birds’ nests, raccoon’s nests, squirrels, bats or other nesting wildlife living inside your chimney. Debris from nests are extremely dangerous and flammable.

4. Firebox. The firebox is the part of the fireplace where you burn and light fires inside your home. The firebox should have no cracks or rust. Any signs of cracks or rust should be inspected by a Certified Chimney Professional. 5. Chimney cap / Chimney Crown. Be sure the chimney cap fits securely and does not have any outer or inner obstruction. The chimney crown should be checked for cracks so that water does not leak and cause damage to the chimney structure beneath/within.

Start your spring chimney cleaning this year with Superior Chimney’s 14 Point Inspection. You can comfortably rely on our Certified Chimney Professionals to assure the safety of your chimney and home going into the spring season. Call us today at 877-244-6349.

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