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Chimney Cap: 4 Top Reasons to Put a Lid on It!

Chimney Cap: 4 Top Reasons to Put a Lid on It!

In Illinois, a chimney cap is an essential part of every chimney. You may notice that most chimneys have a chimney cap. A chimney cap is a small, metal cap located directly on top of the exit hole, often to a point or a flat top and a short, sealed, mesh gate attached protecting the hole of the chimney. You might wonder: is it necessary? Why install this little cap? Can a chimney still function properly without a chimney cap? Here are the top 4 reasons to install a  chimney cap with Superior Chimney experts today.

  1. Prevent moisture/water from entering your home: without a chimney cap, a chimney is an open hole into a house. Every chimney needs a cap for the same reason every home needs a roof!  Without protection, water will surely enter your chimney. Any moisture inside your chimney will cause damage. A chimney is made of porous material, such as mortar and brick. These materials store water naturally. The more water that settles inside your chimney, the more deterioration and damage will occur. That means more money spent on repairs. Moisture in a chimney may also cause mold and mildew to grow inside it. Chicago experiences all 4 seasons, and is located by the largest lakes in America. High humidity levels due to Lake Michigan will cause the quick deterioration of the chimney. A chimney cap is essential, especially in the Chicago area, to prevent your chimney’s speedy deterioration.
  2. Animal Nesting: Birds, racoons, rats, bats, squirrels and other wild animals love small, warm spaces to live in. All these animals are common in Chicago. It’s possible that these small animals will crawl or fall through the chimney and into your home! Sticks, grasses and branches often used to make nests are extremely flammable. If a bird nests inside the chimney without knowledge, it’s likely the next time you light your fireplace, the nesting materials will also ignite, causing a house fire.
  3. Prevents Fires: Watching the pop of the firewood safely inside the fireplace while lit may seem like a cozy heaven. All it takes is one small spark or ember that goes up the chimney to ignite a fire on your rooftop. Some natural debris on the roof or the roof itself may catch fire. A chimney cap stops the hot sparks from escaping and lighting debris on fire.
  4. Stops Drafts: Chimneys not only remove smoke up and away from the fireplace, but also allows air into your home. When the wind blows downwards into your home, the air flow creates a draft. The draft causes your home to become colder, especially in the fall and wintertime. Smoke may also be pushed back down into your home if you have the fireplace lit. A chimney cap breaks the wind and stops a downdraft from forming, keeping your home warm and safe.


If you’re located in Illinois, your chimney is exposed to all 4 seasons. Year round, it’s exposed to rain, snow, ice, wind and humidity. It’s essential to have a chimney cap to prevent fires, animal nests and water from causing serious damage to your home. The investment in a chimney cap will help save money, too. Install your chimney cap today with the certified experts at Superior Chimney, by calling 877-244-6349.

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