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Are You Tilting Your Head Looking at a Chimney? May be Time for a Chimney Rebuild

Are You Tilting Your Head Looking at a Chimney? May be Time for a Chimney Rebuild

A chimney rebuild may be necessary after a long winter of fluctuating weather conditions and humidity. With the weather Chicago has been having this winter, it wouldn’t be a surprise if there are some spotted damages to your chimney. When a chimney’s repairs are beyond tuckpointing, it may be subject to a partial or full chimney rebuild. This is one of Superior Chimneys many areas of expertise. Our highly experienced technicians will inspect the condition of the chimney and provide a complete report with supporting pictures. It’s always good to see ‘up close’ areas of the home that you normally can’t get to.  This is the perfect time to schedule your chimney inspection which includes an evaluation of the exterior chimney.

Types of Chimney Rebuilds

  1. Chimney rebuild (from weather): While on a walk or on a drive, have you noticed a chimney appearing rather degraded, with its bricks rounded off at the corners and mortar sunken in? Maybe a brick face or two are missing, and there are cracks in the side of the chimney. The chimney may look more rounded than it does square. In old European cities, such as Prague, you will often see this type of deterioration due to years of lack of care and attention for the chimney. Do you see any of these around your neighborhood?

One type of chimney deterioration is called spalling, or when the water from rain, ice, or snow seeps in between the bricks and freezes, then melts, and then freezes once again. Over time, spalling causes the brick to pop, peel or flake. Then, it falls apart, causing leaks in your home and inside the chimney. This often leads to rusting of the interior metal parts of the chimney. This type of chimney deterioration is in need of a rebuild. A chimney rebuild is a tear down of the outer layer of the chimney. Most parts of the compromised chimney area are removed and replaced. There is also new brick and mortar. This severe damage is caused by neglecting your chimney’s yearly inspection and maintenance.

  1. Chimney rebuild (other causes): If you notice your chimney is leaning, cracking, or tilting, your chimney may need a chimney rebuild. Additionally, if your chimney doesn’t create enough draft, you may need to rebuild a taller chimney.
  2. Partial chimney rebuild: If you notice minor damages on a large chimney, such as minor spalling, deterioration or the need for a new chimney crown, a partial chimney rebuild is needed. Noticing even the smallest of cracks in the chimney crown will require immediate repairs to stop further, more serious damage. Additionally, if you have a small chimney which needs repairs from cracking or deterioration, you also may need a partial chimney rebuild. Further evaluation is necessary.

Last notes

Spring is the perfect time to get on the schedule for a chimney rebuild or chimney repairs with Superior Chimney. Our technicians are highly skilled and make the process look smooth and easy. Make no mistake, it’s a perfected skill and those who try to do it themselves, look exactly like that. Take care of your home with quality workmanship and materials from Superior Chimney. Contact us today at 877-244-6349

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