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Wood Burning Fireplace: What Can Be Burnt and Not

Wood Burning Fireplace: What Can Be Burnt and Not

A variety of items in Illinois are burned in a wood burning fireplace, from proper/improper wood, coal, cardboard, paper and even plastic. Burning the right materials is essential to keeping a safe environment inside the home. The wrong burning materials may cause a terrible smell inside the home, and a contribution to the rising air […]

Do I Really Need to Clean the Chimney…Again?

The air conditioner cover is on, the furnace filter has been changed…now what am I forgetting? Ah, that’s right. Get the chimney sweep done. Do I really need to sweep the chimney this year? I use a gas fireplace. I don’t need to get it swept…right? Gas fireplaces are a great convenience as they can […]

No Short Cuts When It Comes to a Wood Burning Fireplace

There’s nothing more beautiful, warm and inviting than a wood burning fireplace. It’s frequently featured in family pictures and is often the center of attention in a home. That’s because a wood burning fireplace is special. Some enjoy watching the flames and listening to the crackles of the burning wood. Others enjoy tending to the […]

What Gas & Wood Burning Chimneys Have in Common

Fireplaces rank as one of the most popular features for homeowners. According to Angie’s List, they found that a fireplace was the #1 feature most often mentioned in home listings. The same study showed that 60% of homeowners having and using wood burning fireplaces while gas fireplaces made up about 22%. Whichever is your favorite, […]

What’s the Difference Between a Chimney Cap and a Fireplace Damper?

Let’s add to that question…Is it necessary to have a chimney cap or a fireplace damper for a gas fireplace? Or is it just for wood burning fireplaces? A popular question worth investigating. Chimney Cap Chimney caps are mounted over the top of the flue. The purpose of a chimney cap is to keep rain, […]

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