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Chimney Saver: Is it worth the investment?

A neighbor recently hired Superior Chimney to repair their chimney. Fortunately, the masonry didn’t

chimney saver application
chimney saver application

deteriorate where it would need to be rebuilt. Instead it needed extensive repair. The mortar had disappeared well into the bricks and the concrete chimney cap had removed itself from the chimney. In addition, the flashing had come away from the side of the chimney letting water to find its way into the family room.

My neighbor had some decisions to make, but one that was something new to think about was the Chimney Saver, or waterproofing.

At first, like most people, my neighbor thought it was just a ‘nice to have’ versus a necessity. However, the more they learned about it, the better it sounded. Why? There is a considerable amount of work that goes into completing a restoration or a repair on the chimney. There’s new mortar, chimney cap, screening and flashing, all located in an area that is not so easy to get to.

The Chimney Saver prolongs the work, investment and life of the chimney. The process was interesting.

1. The chimney was prepped and sprayed with the Chimney Saver.

2. It was allowed a couple weeks to fully dry as it soaks into the bricks and (whatever’s left of the) mortar.

3. After the chimney restoration or repair was complete, the chimney technicians came back out to reapply the Chimney Saver again. It soaks back into the bricks and newly installed mortar as a final sealant. (see pictures)

The investment wasn’t all that much more, but to know that it prevents masonry deterioration, water or any moisture from entering the brick and masonry while prolonging the investment, I have to ask, Why wouldn’t you get it done?

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