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Crates as a Chimney Cap? Doesn’t really help.

Crate Used as a Chimney Cap

Got your attention? Thought so.

It’s not fake, it’s not stock photography. There are homes in Chicago and the surrounding areas with crates, and even shopping carts placed over the top of the chimney. The main reason for the extreme creativity is to keep the animals out especially with the unseasonably warm weather.

Do you think a squirrel can fit? Or a bird? Absolutely the animals can continue to make their way into the chimney to stay warm and rest.

However, what happens come Saturday when the temperature goes back down to 30 degrees? If the fireplace gets used, and the temperature gets hot enough it can melt the plastic crate. Melting plastic will enter right back into your home…this time creating a fire hazard and the strong smell of burning plastic.

As it’s only February, if it snows again and turns to ice covering part or all of the crate, where does the fireplace smoke go? You got it, it stays right in the home. I’m sure you’re shaking your head in disbelief. With all seriousness, this does happen more times than you think.

If you believe you are experiencing an animal problem, or concerned about animals making their home in your chimney, give us a call so we can take care of the problem for you safely.

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