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Spring Storms – Chimney

The storm that passed through this week made a mess. I went outside to begin working on the clean-up. I walked around the house picking up numerous branches, twigs and debris to find a piece of steel and some steel netting.

Right away, I thought that it had come from my neighbor’s house. Fortunately, many of the neighbors were outside and we had an impromptu neighborhood gathering. It seems we all found items around the exterior of our homes. Chimney cap, asphalt shingles, gutters and chimney flashing. We gathered all of the items into a single pile and went home to figure out what to claim.

All of the tall ladders, dusty and dirty were coming out of the garages. Up we all went to inspect the roof, gutters and chimney. Once complete, we came back to our pile of material. Surprisingly, the chimney cap and flashing came from a neighbor 5 houses away. I was so shocked how far it traveled, you would have thought I just won the longest distance contest. I found the missing gutter from my home that directs water away from the house.

The neighbor who lost the chimney cap and flashing was concerned, and not sure what to do next. He had a right to be concerned. With the warm…cold…windy…stormy weather, animals will need shelter, flying debris has impeccable aim and rain water has a remarkable way of making its way into the home… even with one piece of chimney material missing.

Yes, of course I told him to call Superior Chimney at 877-CHIM FIX 877-244-6349. A trained, experienced chimney technician will fix the issue so when the snow, rain or wind passes through again, no worries. For me, I was fortunate. I simply had to bend down and re-attach the gutter. My chimney? It was Superior.

Take a quick look around your home and look up at the roof. If you see something missing or not looking right on your chimney, give Superior Chimney a call to inspect it. Better safe than buckets in the fireplace.

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