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Roller Coaster of Spring Temperatures

You know summer is coming when Six Flags opens its doors…which starts on the 14th…FYI. The roller coasters are the favorite with the twist and turns, gaining speed until you feel out of breath. I know this past week was like a preview to a roller coaster ride with temperatures ranging from summer to mid-winter, light breeze to 50 mph winds and snow and (little) sun.

The chimney takes a beating with the weather elements as it’s usually the highest point on the home. Being exposed to a range of temperatures expands and contracts the mortar. Add the wind and rain, and it’s a roller coaster ride of change for the chimney mortar.

How can you tell that the mortar has seen better days?
• Cracks in the mortar
• Pieces of the mortar coming apart
• Loose or missing bricks or stones
…are the most obvious.

Now, are you going to climb a ladder to inspect the chimney? If you are, please be sure to have someone with you at all times for safety reasons. If not, that’s where Superior Chimney comes in.
We’ll take pictures so you can see for yourself what is going on. Then our talented and experienced technicians take you through what is best for the longevity of your chimney. Our recommendations can range from a chimney cap, tuckpointing to waterproofing with a chimney saver.

What is important is to have the chimney inspected and repaired so you can plan your weekends at Six Flags. See you there!

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