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Spring cleaning is upon us!

I must say, he was a good sport about this picture. The picture was not from a chimney cleaning, rather from a dryer vent cleaning. Superior Chimney went out to a home to service the dryer vent. As with most homes, the dryer vent was not cleaned and had years of built up. In order to clean it properly, we perform a pressurized mechanical service.

What does that mean? To properly clean the vent, we begin by taking out the dryer and connect a pressure blower. There are brushes attached to the mechanical drill that spins and makes its way through the vent. The build up of lint, dust and debris makes it was out of the home. The Superior Chimney assistant was in the wrong place at the right time. He now has an up-close relationship with dryer vent cleaning.

When was the last time your dryer vent was cleaned? A perfect ‘to do’ for spring cleaning.

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