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Chimney Liner. A Short Order.

Wow, doesn’t this look nice…light color brick, a smooth finish to the masonry, concrete top in a bright white color.
What’s that coming out of the top?
Coming out of the chimney crown or that bright white color in the picture, is a standard single flue gas appliance liner cap. The intention was to install an aluminum liner to support the furnace and water heater. Oops! The chimney liner wasn’t long enough! What you are seeing in the picture is part of the chimney liner sticking up and out of the crown, sealed with mortar. Just so you know, this is both a fire hazard and code violation.
Unfortunately, this practice happens often enough. The person installing the chimney liner failed to take pictures. The homeowner never knew that the chimney liner was incorrectly installed, and it never makes its way entirely out of the top of the chimney. The homeowner never knew that the chimney liner was left smothered by the crown, which restricts the carbon monoxide emissions… extremely unsafe.
When Superior Chimney answered the concerns of the homeowner, we ended up relining the chimney and installing a proper chimney crown and cap. Now they have the confidence it was done correctly as Superior Chimney took pictures and provided detailed explanations of what work was accomplished.
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