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Think Warm, Think Chimney’s

It doesn’t matter if you use your fireplace or not, most often, your chimney is the highest point on your home, and the most exposed to the various weather elements of wind, rain, sleet, and snow. As this spring is one of the wettest on record, it’s important to have the exterior chimney checked for deterioration, water entry points, loose bricks and chimney flashing.

When you take a walk around the neighborhood, look up at the chimney bricks. I bet you will find homes with bricks that look like they are ready to fall off. Don’t get too close…

You’ll know right away that the chimney needs tuckpointing.

What is tuck pointing? Tuckpointing is replacing the mortar between bricks, blocks or stones. As mortar breaks down over time, cracking or deteriorating leaves the bricks, blocks or stones unstable and allows water to continue its quest to enter your home.  What happens if it deteriorates too far? Meaning you can see that the bricks are ready to fall out and the structure has lost its form? Now you’re into chimney rebuilds. Did that scare you? Good.

Call Superior Chimney 877-CHIM-FIX 877-244-6349 tuck pointing experts and have them check out your chimney.

The benefits?

  • Preserve the life of your chimney
  • Stop leaks before they start…or if they started, get it under control
  • Deterioration stops
  • The stability of your chimney is restored
  • Far more cost effective than a rebuild
  • Improve the value of your home

While you’re thinking warm, think chimney. Think about contacting Superior Chimney to schedule your appointment so you can reap the benefits. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you use the fireplace or not, deterioration will happen anyway to the chimney sitting on top of your house.

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