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Water Outside, Water Inside

That big red blob on the radar screen brought lots of joy to my grass, trees and flowers. There’s nothing like Mother Nature’s sprinkling system that can take brown grass back to green in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t help but go outside.

As I stood in the garage, I watched as my neighbor across the street walk outside to enjoy the rain and cooler temperatures as well. They were more daring as they bravely stood in the rain, looking up at the sky. Oh wait…

My neighbor waved me over. That was a very stiff wave. There must be a problem.

They invited me into their home. It was easy to hear the issue… a combination of streaming and dripping water filling buckets. I followed the sound to their family room to find one bucket IN the fireplace, and a second NEXT to the fireplace where extra firewood can be stored. They use their fireplace just a couple times a year, usually around the holidays, and couldn’t understand why there was a problem.

It reminded me of the post I just wrote from June 2.


This is a perfect example of a house in need of tuckpointing. The mortar between their bricks wore down from years of rain, snow and temperature change. What needs to be determined is the severity of the deterioration. Are the bricks loose and/or missing where the chimney outside needs to be rebuilt or can tuckpointing do the job? They said as long as they lived here, they never had the chimney checked.

Since this just happened early yesterday late, we’ll have to wait to see what today’s appointment brings with Superior Chimney.

So, if you are interested in the results, stop by our Facebook page again tomorrow morning.

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