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Water Inside, Water Outside – The Results

Did you get a chance to read the article from yesterday entitled, “Water Outside, Water Inside”?

We were waiting to find out the results of the Superior Chimney visit to my neighbor who was experiencing water leaks in the fireplace and the space next to the fireplace. We were wondering if they would be tuckpointing or performing a complete rebuild of the chimney.

Great news for my neighbor.

The deterioration is clearly visible (see picture), and can be repaired with tuckpointing.

Chimney in need of tuck pointing

How do they know? Superior Chimney does a great job of explaining the situation and all the little details. When they went up to the chimney to

p, they took plenty of pictures. The technician walks through the pictures detailing the troubled spots and describes the process for repair.

Now my neighbor has a decision to make. Do they want to install the Chimney Saver product or not? The chimney saver is the last step in the process and seals the bricks and mortar. Chimney saver prevents water penetration and absorption. I think they will. Once installed, now you really don’t need to think about the chimney. Well worth peace of mind.

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