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Have You Ever Experienced Rain in 4D?

Saturday’s rain was never ending. We pushed through and went to a friend’s house to watch an evening of college football. As the football game played on the vast flat screen right over the mantel of the fireplace, we can see and hear the rain coming down…both outside and on the TV. The severity of the rain began to increase adding wind to the mix.

Our friends had their gas fireplace on as the dampness from all the rain made everyone cold. Every little while someone would walk over to the fireplace just to feel the warmth on the face and hands. Until… “That’s weird, I thought I felt a splash.”

Of course, we ignored him until it happened again. “I’m not joking, I felt it again!” We all got up and went over to the fireplace. Everyone was inspecting the walls, ceiling and even the light fixtures. Something that would indicate a water leak. I wasn’t so sure. This seemed all too familiar.

I took a step back to stare at the wall and fireplace. I got it! They have the same arrangement as we do. A fireplace in the center of the wall with another area next to it meant to store firewood. However, since their fireplace is gas, they decorated the area with silk flowers. The water is dripping from the chimney to the wood storage area, and splashing against the silk flowers.

I knew exactly what to do as this was déjà vu. I shared with you on September 2016 a very similar experience. We removed the silk flowers, put a rag on the bottom and piled in the buckets. Was this their first experience? Probably not, but it was the first time they noticed it.

As I shared the experience from last year, I recalled how the water leak didn’t make sense. How can the dripping water end up next to the fireplace? Water leaks never make sense. Water travels in search of finding the smallest space or even the longest route to finally make its way into the home.

I shared that when Superior Chimney came out, the service technician explained in detail how the water entered my home with pictures. I told them how important pictures are as there’s no way we’re going to climb to the roof. Truthfully, if you don’t know how to find a water leak, going to the roof to take a look around will only turn into a short visit. We watched the rest of the football game with the dripping sound of water.

Call Superior Chimney so you don’t have to experience what we both went through. Get it checked, get it done so you can enjoy your fireplace without worry. 877-CHIM FIX 877-244-6349. Follow Us on Facebook or LinkedIn!

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