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A Fireplace Bedtime Routine

I absolutely love the fireplace. It’s warm, relaxing and provides a soft glowing light. I even tend to believe that it calms the kids down before going to bed. As part of their bedtime routine, they think it’s a privilege to sit on the couch and watch the fire in the fireplace. After approximately 10 minutes, the eyelids begin to get heavy. I shared the story with a co-worker and agreed with my bedtime routine as he does something similar. The only difference is that he has a gas fireplace. Either way, it still works.


He was telling me how his bedtime fireplace routine started. A couple years ago, his child was sick, and lying in bed wasn’t working out too well. He took his son, brought him downstairs and sat on the couch. He didn’t want to turn on the TV or the light, so he turned on the fireplace. The sound of the crackling fire, warm soft glow, put them both to sleep.


As good parents do, we shared our stories hoping it would help other parents. It was working well until someone came into my office and said there was a problem. Rain and a cold draft…even with the fireplace on.

With the house quiet, she heard a dripping sound. When she looked further, she saw there was a damp section in back of the fireplace and another wet section next to the fireplace. A couple of chimney leaks.

In addition, the cold draft was due to another problem. When the outside air is colder it becomes heavier than warm air. As it pushes its way down the chimney, if the flue isn’t working properly, you’ll feel the cold draft. A chimney repair worth doing.

These are chimney repairs that need to be taken care so never to interrupt the bedtime routine. Call Superior Chimney at 877-CHIM FIX 877-244-6349. Follow Us on Facebook or LinkedIn!

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