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The Holiday of Once

Once a year we celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving with friends and family. We get to eat these special dishes only once as year as it takes hours to prepare.

The drive to the family feast is long with traffic, but once we get there, it’s worth the wait. As we are greeted at the front door, hugs and kisses are abundant. Now that the kids are bigger, they took the wet kisses like troopers for once.

The table is set, beautiful as always. I’ve never once seen a fork, glass or plate out of place. As we gather at the table to share what we’re thankful for, we’ve never once finished without a tear. The dishes are savored as we only get them once a year, even the mashed potatoes are whipped to perfection with garlic and chives sprinkled atop.

Once a year our host makes the most beautiful fire in the fireplace. The glow, warmth and the crackling sound of the fire draws everyone draws everyone near. Once we’re all together in front of the fireplace, we laugh, talk and listen to stories of days gone by.

Even though the fireplace is used only once a year, get it cleaned and checked for it only takes once. Remember what ‘Uncle Joe’ did once before? You’ve heard that story more than once.

From the Superior Chimney family, Happy Thanksgiving, and for once, do something twice.

Call us tomorrow morning to get your chimney and fireplace cleaned and checked before the Thanksgiving holiday.

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