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Letter From a New Customer on Fireplace Smoke

Dear Superior Chimney, I’m concerned about the fireplace smoke that came into my family room. With the cooler temperatures, I was excited to get started with the use of my fireplace. Why was the fireplace smoking? And how can I be sure it doesn’t happen again? Answer: These are great questions that many others can […]

Should I Schedule a Chimney Inspection Now?

It is true that the most popular times to schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection is either in the Fall or in the Spring, after a long cold winter. However, this winter has been extra special. According the NBC Chicago, from October through January 26, we only received 8.6” of snow. As we all enjoyed […]

No Short Cuts When It Comes to a Wood Burning Fireplace

There’s nothing more beautiful, warm and inviting than a wood burning fireplace. It’s frequently featured in family pictures and is often the center of attention in a home. That’s because a wood burning fireplace is special. Some enjoy watching the flames and listening to the crackles of the burning wood. Others enjoy tending to the […]

Fall Winds & Rain Bring Out the Chimney & Fireplace Issues. Here are the Top 5.

The harshness of Fall is beginning to settle in. High winds, rain, dropping temperatures all have an effect on your chimney and fireplace. Before you get cozy by the fireplace, don’t delay any longer, get it cleaned and checked. Here are 5 Common Chimney Issues to watch for: 1. Crack in the Flue – chimney […]

Why It’s Best to Leave Chimney Cleaning to the Certified Professionals

There’s an overabundance of information out on the Internet that can help you complete any home improvement project. If you have a gas fireplace or wood burning fireplace, it sure can be tempting to buy your own sweeping tools and clean the chimney yourself. There’s definite consequences to the do-it-yourself chimney sweep, and important reasons […]

Eavesdropping on a Conversation Has Become Your Gain

Standing in the self-checkout line, I do what we all do…listen to conversations going on around us. Sometimes it’s worth staying tuned-in, like yesterday. A person standing in back of me waiting in line decided to make a call. It became obvious that she was having a hard time making a decision and was searching […]

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