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A Quick 4 Step Guide on the Chimney Sweep Non-User

A Quick 4 Step Guide on the Chimney Sweep Non-User

Some people rarely use their chimneys and are in need of a chimney sweep non-user. Maybe they don’t know how to use it or prefer it to be more of an interior ornamental design than a functional part of the home. Many of us have seen the inside of someone’s house and observed some dead bugs, debris or spider webs inside the fireplace. Neglecting the cleanliness of the chimney often extends beyond the visible firebox, the part of the chimney that includes the wood and actual fire inside the home. That’s why at Superior Chimney, we recommend a chimney sweep non-user. But first, what is a chimney sweep? And why do you need it if you never use your chimney? Could the dust and spider webs really be that bad?

What is a Chimney Sweep?

A chimney sweep is a full cleaning of the chimney done by a Nationally Certified Chimney Professional. Often times, the chimney must be cleaned completely for safety purposes. Buildup of animal debris, smoke and natural debris form inside of the flue, the long passage connecting the firebox to the exit hole, and must be cleaned. Keep your home safe, and clean your chimney by following Superior Chimney’s brief guide of when to get your chimney sweep non-user:

  1. Structural Damage: Whether you use the chimney or not, erosion and damage occurs on both the inside and outside of the chimney. The metal on the chimney may be rusted on the inside, or the masonry (bricks/mortar) on the outside may be cracked. In this case, it is crucial for the chimney to be repaired. Check out why repairs are crucial for the safety of your home: Tuckpointing Chimney Repair
  2. Animals: Did you know animals love to make their nests inside chimneys? It makes sense as animals love tight and warm places to make their nests and raise their young. Unfortunately, if you light your chimney one day without knowing the nest is there, it will catch on fire! Some unwanted critters may have made their way inside your chimney without you knowing this winter. Check out our previous blog for more information about animal nesting in the chimney: Top 5 Reasons for a Spring Chimney Cleaning in illinois
  3. Water Damage: This is one of the most common damages that occur to the chimney, especially in Illinois. A chimney in Chicagoland is exposed year round to humidity, rain and ice. Changes in temperature and moisture levels cause quick erosion to the exterior masonry. Water will drip down and into your chimney, causing moisture to enter your home. This can cause mold and unwanted humidity leaking into the home and can cause interior damage.
  4. Creosote and extensive buildup: If you see a thick, black glaze slowly dripping from your chimney and into the home, the chimney is definitely long overdue for a chimney sweep. This is creosote, or buildup that is a natural result of combustion. This glaze is flammable and if you light up the fireplace, it may cause a chimney and house fire.

It is recommended that a chimney is serviced once per year, whether it’s a chimney sweep non-user or not. It’s for the safety of your home, and highly recommended to hire a chimney professional, as it’s necessary to use specialty tools/chemicals to clean it. Contact Superior Chimney today to ask about your annual chimney service at 877-244-6349.

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