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What Does a Chimney Liner do? And Do I Need a Chimney Liner.

What Does a Chimney Liner do? And Do I Need a Chimney Liner. by Superior Chimney, Lombard, IL

Since our last article, “Top 3 Reasons to Sweep Your Chimney & Fireplace in July”, we’ve had several questions regarding chimney liners. What are chimney liners? What is the function of a chimney liner? How to identify if the chimney liner needs replacing?

If you have a gas fireplace, a wood burning fireplace or just a heating appliance chimney, our answers will apply to both situations.

What are chimney liners / reliners?

An original construction chimney liner is typically made of fire clay tile, whereas reliners are typically stainless steel or aluminum.  A fireplace chimney liner is a firewall that sits inside the chimney flue located right above the smoke chamber. Superior Chimney installs stainless steel chimney liners as they provide the best fire protection, it is highly durable and corrosion resistant. It also comes with a forever lifetime warranty.

What is the function of a chimney liner?

Chimney liners serve 5 main purposes for protecting you and your home.

  1. Chimney liners direct smoke and hot exhaust to the outside.
  2. Chimney liners protect the adjacent combustible home construction materials from fire risk.
  3. Properly sized chimney liners reduce the amount of creosote that can accumulate on the chimney walls and the risk of chimney fire.
  4. Chimney liners also direct carbon monoxide and condensate, released by the heating units of your home (furnace, water heater, boilers), to go directly outside as well.
  5. Chimney liners protect the chimney bricks and mortar from corrosive deterioration and damage.

How to identify if the chimney liner needs replacing?

This is a bit tricky. There are not always obvious signs that the liner needs replacing. However, if you notice pieces of brick or mortar or a build up of condensation in the chimney, there’s a problem with the chimney liner that needs to be addressed. 

You’ll need a certified technician to help you get this answer: Do you have a chimney liner? If you do, is it sized properly for your chimney? If the chimney liner is too small or large for the space, condensation can build up along with poor release of smoke from your home.

Information is Key

The best way to know more information about your chimney and chimney liner is to have a certified chimney technician from Superior Chimney inspect and sweep the chimney and fireplace.

If it’s been a while since your chimney was inspected…even with little to no use, get the inspection and sweep done today. This can help reduce repair costs like a chimney rebuild or tuckpointing.

Now that you’re armed with great information, contact Superior Chimney today at 877-244-6349 to set up an appointment and get the answers you need about the health of your chimney.

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