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A Fireplace as a Source of Comfort

A Fireplace as a Source of Comfort, Superior Chimney, Lombard, IL

As many are working from home and dealing with kids and pets running around, homeowners have shared with us how the fireplace has brought comfort and a smile to their home.

“Since our days remain chilly, I use the fireplace as a way to get the kids to sit in one place. They enjoy doing activities in our family room, and I’m able to get something done.”

“I do my yoga, then sit in front of the fireplace for quiet meditation.”

 How do we know this?

Since people are working from home, our certified technicians are in full swing with spring chimney sweeps. Homeowners have had an opportunity to get to tasks that normally get pushed off, like cleaning the fireplace, or a fireplace sweep. Here are a few things homeowners have noticed about their fireplace:

  • The fireplace or chimney has a strong-smelling odor
  • The damper isn’t closing and opening properly
  • “I swear I heard some noises”
  • There’s greasy creosote on the side walls of the chimney
  • The fire isn’t burning the way it did before

While our chimney technicians are at your home, you’re sharing with us some new experiences.

“I have never used my gas fireplace this much. It’s really nice. I think I will use it more now.”

“I really enjoy the sound of wood crackling. It’s very relaxing.”


However, some other homeowners have taken a different approach. They are walking outside their home just looking around getting fresh air. When they look at the top of their house, the chimney gets their attention.

“I never thought about looking at the chimney. I used my binoculars, and found mortar missing from between the bricks.”

“I noticed the flashing was laying on the roof. It used to be up against the chimney. I think this needs to be fixed.”

“It rained yesterday, and noticed a small puddle of water in the fireplace. I think it could be coming from the chimney outside.”

These are great observations and issues with the chimney that we can help you address and repair. If you can see your chimney, here’s a few things to look for:

  • Mortar between the bricks or stones have deteriorated leaving gape in between layers
  • Flashing has pulled away from the side of the chimney, where you can see a gap
  • Chimney cap is open allowing animals and debris to enter, or it has blown away!

If you can’t see the chimney, don’t worry. As part of your chimney sweep, our certified technicians inspect the health of your chimney. We show you pictures so you can see what we’re seeing.  

Now that you have the opportunity, give us a call and we’ll take care of a chimney sweep or chimney repair. Remember, Superior Chimney takes your safety seriously. Read our post, “The New Normal Is Our Normal” to understand Superior Chimney’s best practices.

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