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The New Normal Is Our Normal

The New Normal Is Our Normal by Superior Chimney, Lombard, IL

How many times have we said to our children and family members, “Did you wash your hands?” We get mad when loved ones don’t listen, and usually what follows is a one-minute argument. It’s generally a 50 /50 chance where that person goes back to wash their hands.

However, when we say it here at Superior Chimney, we mean it, and everyone here does it. Not because of the coronavirus, it’s because it’s our best business practice.

Cleaning chimneys is a dirty job. We’re dealing with dust, burnt material, creosote, cob webs, dead animals, debris…and that’s on a good day. That’s why we’ve always had sanitary practices. Here are a few main points that are important for you:

  • All of our certified chimney technicians wear gloves throughout the service process.
  • A clean tarp is the only thing that touches your home. All of our equipment is on top of the tarp because we’re cleaning your chimney and this is the best way to protect your home.
  • Certified technicians are mandated to clean their hands a number of times & between jobs or appointments.
  • If one of our technicians isn’t feeling well?  We tell him/her to stay home. It’s common practice.

Does that mean we’ve done nothing new because of the coronavirus? Of course not. We’ve taken additional steps to protect you and the employees who diligently come to work each day. In addition to our normal cleaning practices, our office is now sanitized regularly with a fogger using a solution called Nisus DSV Disinfectant. This formula is the same solution used by hospitals and schools. We want to be sure we provide the best environment possible for our employees and technicians that come to your home.

If you’d like to greet your service technicians as they enter your home, give them a big wave with your hand. It’ll still make them smile.

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