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Dryer Vent. I Never Really Think About It.

I’ve lived in the same house for the past 12 years, raising a couple of kids and washed just about 4,000 loads of laundry. That’s only in this house.dryer vent sweeps

I never thought about the dryer vent. I always cleaned the lint trap after every load of wash…another 4,000 cleans. A few months ago, I was washing a blanket from my son’s room. If you have or had a teenage boy in the house, there is a special odor that builds up in the blankets. I decided it was time for a double wash and dry. Once I took it out of the dryer, I saw the lint was coming up through the lint catcher. As I pulled up the lint catcher it was everywhere including the base of the dryer.

I reached inside with my hand and pulled up as much of the lint as I could with my fingers. It gave me the opportunity to see even more lint going through the duct. Nothing I had was long enough to reach more of the lint so I stuck a long handle, wooden spoon with a wet paper towel wrapped around the end. I know, I hear you laughing, but it worked! Somewhat.

But it got me thinking. If the blanket caused this much lint, where did the other 3,999 lint remnants go? So I read online about dryer vents and the damage it can cause to a home, including fires. Superior Chimney noted that if it takes longer for your clothes to dry, that’s a great clue to get the dryer vent cleaned. However, with over 300 loads a year, why take the chance? Getting it cleaned once a year ensures safety and many more blanket washing’s.

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