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4 Reasons Why Chimney Leaks Show Up in the Spring

Rainwater has an amazing way of identifying weak areas in and around your home.  You can certainly wait until water leaks occur especially from the chimney, or you can get the water leaks identified and repaired before it causes potential damage. Here are 4 reasons why chimney leaks love Spring. No Chimney Cap. Without a […]

4 Point Check on an Exterior Chimney for Leaks

“Rain, rain, go away…” Remember we sang that as kids and thought it was fun? I’ve found myself singing this song way too often with an ‘oh by the way…take the humidity and bugs along with you.’ Clean-up has become your everyday task…from outside debris to water in the basement. It’s been an agitating time […]

Water Inside, Water Outside – The Results

Did you get a chance to read the article from yesterday entitled, “Water Outside, Water Inside”? We were waiting to find out the results of the Superior Chimney visit to my neighbor who was experiencing water leaks in the fireplace and the space next to the fireplace. We were wondering if they would be tuckpointing […]

Roller Coaster of Spring Temperatures

You know summer is coming when Six Flags opens its doors…which starts on the 14th…FYI. The roller coasters are the favorite with the twist and turns, gaining speed until you feel out of breath. I know this past week was like a preview to a roller coaster ride with temperatures ranging from summer to mid-winter, […]

Chimney Saver: Is it worth the investment?

A neighbor recently hired Superior Chimney to repair their chimney. Fortunately, the masonry didn’t deteriorate where it would need to be rebuilt. Instead it needed extensive repair. The mortar had disappeared well into the bricks and the concrete chimney cap had removed itself from the chimney. In addition, the flashing had come away from the […]

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