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Do I Need to Waterproof the Chimney?

waterproof your chimney

There are a lot of questions being asked about waterproof chimney. Many think it’s a ‘nice to have’ versus a necessity. We decided to ask the certified technicians about waterproof chimney, and here’s what they had to say.

Q: Should bricks be waterproofed? I thought that bricks need to ‘breathe’?

Bricks are a porous material which makes it a great entry point for moisture to enter and settle. However, they do not need to breathe and therefore should be waterproofed with Superior Chimney’s Chimney Saver product. This way the water repels off of the bricks, slowing the deterioration process while still maintaining the ability to breathe.

Q: I purchased a chimney cap. It keeps the inside of the chimney dry. Is it necessary to worry about the outside of the chimney?

A: Sometimes an analogy helps. Let’s say its pouring rain outside. You’re in your everyday clothes and you need to spend the next hour outside in the rain. You get ready by putting on a wide brimmed rain hat. Is the hat protecting the rest of you from the rain?

Q: I’ve never had a problem with my chimney. Why is it important now to do it?

A: Chimneys are a living, breathing functional part of your home and its structure. Deterioration is occurring each day reacting to the heat, cold, rain, snow, wind and freeze/thaw cycles of winter. It chips away at the brick and mortar causing it to crack and break down over time. Once a thorough inspection of the bricks and mortar are complete, we’ll inform you of the best way to repair (if needed) and install Chimney Saver. It will help to preserve and maintain the existing appearance and integrity of your chimney.  

Q: I have no idea what’s going on with my chimney. It’s simply too high to get up there.

A: We understand. We’re safety trained to assess the best way to get up on top of the roof to inspect the chimney. When we’re up there, we’ll take pictures of the chimney so you can see for yourself what it looks like. We’ll show you with the pictures and explain what is going on and how we will repair it, if there are any issues. Once all is good to go, then the Chimney Saver application can be applied for long term protection.

Q: Can I get it inspected?

A: Sure, call us at 877-244-6349. See you soon.

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