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4 Point Check on an Exterior Chimney for Leaks

“Rain, rain, go away…” Remember we sang that as kids and thought it was fun? I’ve found myself singing this song way too often with an ‘oh by the way…take the humidity and bugs along with you.’

Clean-up has become your everyday task…from outside debris to water in the basement. It’s been an agitating time for just about everyone. Not only because of the damage caused, but why did it happen? Where is it coming from? How can it be avoided?

I can at least answer the exterior chimney questions with a diagram to point to the weak spots on the exterior of the chimney where water can and will enter.

Chimney Cap – Do you have a chimney cap? Did it blow off in the storms? With the chimney cover missing, water has direct access into the home along with furry friends trying to find a safe place to stay.

Solution: Install or replace the chimney cap.

Chimney Crown – Chimney crown or cap is the concrete piece between the bricks and the chimney cap. Because concrete is porous, moisture sits in the concrete causing it to expand and contract creating cracks of various sizes. A perfect place for water to enter.

Solution: Install Crown Coat or chimney saver which fills in and seals cracks as well as the concrete crown protecting it from further cracking and preserves the structure of the crown.

Chimney/Roof Flashing – If the flashing, which is located at the base of the chimney, comes away from the bricks or roof, that is a great source for water to enter.

Solution: It can be resealing or replacing the flashing to ensure a tight fit against the bricks or to the roofing system.

Chimney Bricks/Mortar – Missing mortar, loose bricks or missing bricks are perfect sources of entry. Again, mortar deteriorates and expands and contracts with the moisture and temperatures causing water entry points.

Solution: Replace, or reseal the bricks with new mortar or tuckpointing. ADD a chimney saver, waterproofing, to the chimney structure to seal the bricks and mortar. This helps to prevent water from being absorbed by the mortar and bricks, preserving the integrity of the structure.

Okay homeowners now you know the WHY did it happen, WHERE is it coming from and HOW can it be avoided.

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