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The Affects of a Deep Freeze on Your Chimney

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Chimney Inspection

Chimney’s are taking a beating with the deep freeze, especially those chimney’s that haven’t been cleaned or inspected. Sitting in the Starbuck’s I overheard (you do it too), a couple of unfortunate situations.

  • In one of the stories, a family room caught on fire because of a missing chimney brick. Fortunately, they were home and were able to control the fire prior to it getting out of control.
  • In another story, a chimney flue or chimney damper malfunctioned causing a fire in the home. I didn’t get to hear the extent of the damage.

I thought it was worth investigating if other areas of the country in the deep freeze were experiencing similar situations. The answer is yes. I found similar stories in Baltimore, Washington and New Jersey. Their stories didn’t end so well, even resulting in a couple of deaths and burnt down homes. I’m sure if I kept on searching online, more chimney fires would be found.

Skeptical? Here, get the latest news on chimney fires right on our website.

Can a chimney inspection and cleaning be performed even when it’s as cold as it is outside? Yes, Superior Chimney is actively working in homes every day ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the fireplace and chimney. A chimney inspection could have prevented the chimney fires both here in IL and in other parts of the country.

Again, it doesn’t matter if you have a gas fireplace or wood burning fireplace, keeping your home and family safe is a priority. What’s next?

Minimize risk by getting your chimney inspected now. Call us at 877-CHIM FIX 877-244-6349  and remember to let them know you saw and read our post.

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