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Why Should I have a Mid-Winter Fireplace & Chimney Inspection?

14 point chimney inspection

Seriously? Now?

There are 2 groups of people a mid-winter fireplace and chimney inspection is recommended for:

  1. The procrastinators who never did their fall chimney inspection and;
  2. Those households that regularly use the fireplace.

The Procrastinators:

You meant to get the chimney cleaned, you meant to get it inspected, but you forgot….then remembered…then forgot again. Then decided it was just fine.

Regular Users of the Fireplace:

The fireplace was used for the holidays, the long stretch of below zero temperatures, and a few days and evenings when you and the family just wanted that cozy feeling.

So why do you need a mid-winter inspection? The chimney and/or fireplace is never dormant. There’s always some type of activity going on inside the fireplace, or outside the chimney. Here are some of the natural activities:

  • The firewood burning in the fireplace creates a flammable tar, or creosote, depositing on the walls of the chimney. 
  • Windy days constantly work to loosen the chimney cap…and the flashing.
  • Freezing / cold / warmer temperatures are the perfect combination for expanding and contracting brick and mortar, loosening the bricks, flaking the bricks, and loosening concrete mortar.
  • With all this activity, you better believe little guests outside are trying to find shelter. Your chimney is a pretty warm and comfortable place to be, especially when nesting materials make their way inside.

Also, watch for moisture from the snow and rain. If you leave your chimney damper open, and many of us do, the rain and snow could possibly get into your chimney. If you find it difficult to get your fireplace going, or the fire is not


burning as hot as it usually does, get your fireplace and chimney inspected.

Now that I can ‘hear’ the quiet moans, call Superior Chimney today and get your mid-winter fireplace and chimney inspected. Call 877-CHIM FIX 877-244-6349  and remember to let them know you saw and read our post.

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