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How to Think About Your Dryer Vent in Freezing Temperatures

If you are (unfortunately) like me, my utility room has an outside wall and a shared wall to the garage, where the washer and dryer sits. On our freezing cold days, the hose and plumbing freezes stopping all water from flowing out during the rinse cycle. Each year, I fail to remember how the hose spits out water flooding the utility room floor. At least this year, I caught it early in its spitting cycle.


As I do every year, I need to wipe down walls, and move the washer and dryer to wash the floor. As I detached the dryer from the wall, lots of gray lint spilled onto the wet floor. As I stuck my hand into the wall part of the vent, I pulled out more lint. I put my hand into the dryer vent and even more lint was retrieved.

It was quite apparent that I needed a dryer vent cleaning. With all of the washable wool blends, cotton clothes and fuzzy blankets, lint builds up rather quickly over the winter. Even thought I cleaned as far as I could, lint is compacted further along in the vent. When the ai


rflow is clogged, heat builds up and can cause a fire. I have enough problems with that utility room, I certainly don’t want fire to be one of them. If that’s not enough, carbon monoxide can build up with gas clothes dryers. Yup, I have one of those too.

My next move was to contact Superior Chimney to come out to clean the dryer vent. It’s amazing how much builds up over winter. Get your dryer vent taken care of this month. It’s worth the investment, and the safety of you and your family.

Call Superior Chimney today and get your dryer vent cleaned. While we’re there, think about your chimney cleaning too! Call 877-CHIM FIX 877-244-6349  and remember to let them know you saw and read our post.

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