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If you use your chimney and fireplace, or not…here’s 4 reasons for checking the chimney cap

A hint of warmth brings children and animals outside. I know I’ve spent time outside just to go for a walk or pick up the numerous branches and sticks laying around. As I watched the squirrels chasing each other in the backyard leaping from tree to tree, they also managed to leap onto the roof.

Although cute, as you see in my picture, it also causes concern.  As temperatures go back down, the animals will want to find a warmer place to stay. The quickest way to a warmer spot is through an unsecured chimney cap…or maybe non-existent chimney cap. Just think…it’s cozy, warm, away from the wind and rain.

As we’re in the Chicago or Chicagland area, high winds are the norm…along with spring rains. Get your chimney cap checked, replaced or put one on for the first time. It will help to:

  1. Keep rain and snow out
  2. Keep animals from making camp
  3. Keep sparks from leaving the chimney (users of the fireplace)
  4. Minimize wind downdrafts

Chimney caps are inexpensive. It’s best to have a professional like Superior Chimney to install it for you. We ensure the right chimney cap is installed with a tight and secure fit. Anything less, and the elements and animals will take advantage of the rest.

Call Superior Chimney today and get your your chimney cap checked. Call 877-CHIM FIX 877-244-6349  and remember to let them know you saw and read our post.

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