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Leaves Falling to the Ground and Leaves in the Chimney

Leaves Falling to the Ground and Leaves in the Chimney

Leaves in the chimney can mean there’s something you need to tend to. However, there are so many beautiful things about Fall. One activity that I love about Fall is when the coyote visits my backyard. I know many have dogs and that can pose a problem, but for this home, all good to go. The coyote visits each Fall eating the crabapples that fall from the trees. However, the coyote does take the time to have a bit of fun too! As the leaves fall from the tree, he jumps up to catch the leaves in his mouth. Quite a playful act for a wild animal. But his adventures did bring my attention to the leaves in the chimney.

Leaves in the Chimney

Leaves do end up in the chimney especially if there isn’t a chimney cap. The chimney cap is located at the top of the chimney. It’s usually a metal or terra cotta structure that is narrow enough for leaves or other debris to stay out of the chimney. However, if there is a missing chimney cap, leaves in the chimney will be inevitable. That can cause serious problems for you such as:

  • Rotting smell
  • Catch on fire in the fireplace
  • Small tinder travel up the chimney flue and out through the top to the exterior of the home
  • Act as a nest for little critters during the cool to cold temperatures.

Take Shelter!

It is worth noting that each Fall, animals will look for a safe, warm place to cozy up for the winter. When there are leaves in the chimney, that can serve as a nice warm bed for the critters. But you would like to be warm too! That means you’ll be turning on your gas fireplace, or start to burn some wood in the fireplace. Once you start those up, you’ll have a bit of trouble with the critters. All because there are leaves in the chimney.

Fall Chimney Sweep

A chimney sweep will help to avoid all of the issues caused by leaves in the chimney. The certified chimney professional will inspect all aspect of the chimney inside and out. If an issue is found, you’ll certainly know with pictures to show you what’s going on. It’s very tough to get on the roof to inspect the chimney, that’s why it’s important to have Superior Chimney do the job for you. A 14 point inspection will come with each chimney sweep, a checklist to ensure every aspect of the inspection has been met. A chimney cap will certainly be on that list to be inspected. An important part of keeping everything out including rain and snow.

Regardless of if you have a gas or a woodburning fireplace, be sure to have your fireplace and chimney swept and inspected so leaves can’t accumulate

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