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Tuckpointing the Chimney

Tuckpointing the Chimney

Limited time, this year, remains for tuckpointing the chimney to happen. That’s because the type of cement used for tuckpointing the chimney dries best in the warmer months. With Fall creeping in more and more, getting any type of mortar or concrete related chimney repairs completed needs to be done now. How do you know if you need any type of chimney repairs done? Most times is when the chimney sweep or fireplace sweep is done by a certified chimney sweep. Let’s take a further look into some common questions asked of our professional staff.

Common Questions on Tuckpointing the Chimney

As you can imagine, Superior Chimney gets numerous calls about tuckpointing the chimney. Because it is not something you check for regularly, most people are not aware if there is a problem.

Question: I have empty spots in between the bricks. What is that missing material?

Answer: The cement like material bonds the bricks or stones together for a solid finish. If that material is missing, then a professional mason will create a mixture to fill in those missing holes in order to make the structure whole again.

Question: I found that some of the masonry material has small cracks in it. What do I do?

Answer: Those small cracks, if not taken care of, will continue to develop into bigger and bigger cracks causing water or snow to enter the chimney structure and into your home. It’s always best to care for cracks right away so they don’t develop into something more, like water leaks.

Question: I don’t know if I have a problem with the chimney. It’s too high and I can’t see. However, I am hearing drips in my fireplace. What’s going on?

Answer: That is the situation with most homeowners. It’s difficult to know if the chimney needs repairs due to height of the home. The best solution is for you to call Superior Chimney and schedule a chimney sweep and inspection. We sweep the fireplace box, check the chimney flue all the way up and out of the chimney stack. We go up on your roof to view the health of the chimney. If tuckpointing the chimney is something that needs to be done, we’ll take pictures and show you the condition of the chimney and explain what needs to be done. If all is in good health, then we’ll show you that too!

Question: When I pass a few homes in my neighborhood, it looks like the chimney is going to fall off of the roof! What’s going on in those situations?

Answer: To completely give you an accurate answer, we would need to complete an inspection. However, let’s say that if you saw a pile of bricks, or something that resembles a chimney, that could mean that the chimney needs to be rebuilt. Meaning, that all the tuckpointing in the world would not save the chimney as it is beyond repair. A certified chimney professional would need to evaluate and make the best decision for the health of your home.

Overall Tuckpointing the chimney is an important part of your home’s health and safety. Be sure to get your chimney swept and inspected especially with the cold winter months coming. Call us at 877-224-6349 to make an appointment for your chimney repair today.

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