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Reclaim the Warmth of Your Fireplace

Reclaim the Warmth of Your Fireplace

Have you ever experienced a cozy evening only to be disrupted by an unexpected cold draft in fireplace? It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Fireplaces are meant to provide warmth and pleasure, not chilly gusts of air! Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves facing this very issue. So, why does a cold draft occur in your fireplace, and what can you do to stop it?

A cold draft in fireplace is the second most common complaint among fireplace owners, with chimney leaks being the number one concern. With fall in full swing and winter right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get your chimney checked.

Reasons for Cold Drafts

  1. Improper Chimney Design: The design of your chimney may not be conducive to a smooth airflow, leading to downdraft issues. Inadequate height, incorrect sizing, or obstructions can all contribute to cold draft in fireplace.
  2. Negative Air Pressure: When your home has negative air pressure, it can disrupt the natural upward airflow in the chimney, causing cold drafts. Factors like ventilation systems, open windows, or fans can create negative pressure.
  3. Poor Insulation: Insufficient insulation in the chimney can result in cold air seeping in through the chimney’s walls, creating an undesired cold draft.
  4. Wind Effects: Strong gusts of wind can create downdrafts and push cold air into your fireplace. The direction and intensity of wind in your area, as well as nearby obstructions, can influence the severity of this issue. Due to high winds in Chicagoland, you might experience this a lot.

Eliminate Cold Drafts in Chimney

The best way to eliminate cold drafts in chimney is by having your chimney inspected. You need to have your chimney inspected every year. This is to ensure your chimney has no damage and is worthy of use. A cold draft might mean an additional problem with your chimney that needs looking into. A chimney professional might advise a certain product installation/upgrade, which will help with small down drafts. During the warm summer or cool fall weather, it’s the great time to get your chimney checked! Superior Chimney offers a 14 point inspection, where we can identify cold down drafts and any potential problems with your chimney. If there is a problem with cold down drafts, we might close the damper, fix the chimney’s closure-efficiency or check the flue for negative pressure.

Reclaim the Warmth of Your Fireplace
It’s Fall, and the weather is perfect for your annual chimney inspection. Before the Chicagoland weather gets too rainy, snowy and cold, contact us for your chimney inspection today. The cold draft is only going to get colder! Plus, you’ll start using your chimney soon. So, don’t let a cold draft ruin the warmth and pleasure your fireplace brings.

Call Superior Chimney at 877-244-6349 and ask for a chimney inspection. An expert chimney technician can provide further guidance and assistance tailored to your specific fireplace setup. By resolving the cold draft issue, you’ll not only maximize the warmth and comfort of your home but also restore the joy and tranquility that a fireplace can bring.

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