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Chimney Efficiency Top 4 Tips for the Cooler Season

Chimney Efficiency Top 4 Tips for the Cooler Season
Chimney Efficiency Top 4 Tips for the Cooler Season by Superior Chimney, Lombard, IL

Chimney efficiency, in Illinois, is critical to keeping the house warm…after the fire has gone away. Many have asked why the room gets so cold after a warm cozy fire. Sure, part may be that you enjoy sitting close to the fireplace and you have the warmth of the fire surrounding you, and when it’s done, brr. But that’s not the whole story. Cold air may be coming into your home for other reasons. We’re going to take a look what we can do as homeowners to practice better chimney efficiency. Not only will you be happier, but so will your energy bill.

What is Chimney Efficiency?

Chimney efficiency are ways to keep the warm air inside once the fire has completed the burning process. The purpose is to maximize the heat inside of the home without using the furnace in order to conserve on energy.

Efficiency Tip #1: Fireplace Damper

Once you are done with the fireplace, close the fireplace damper. Regardless if you are using a wood burning fireplace, or a gas fireplace, always keep the fireplace damper open when in use. However, to keep that nice warm air inside of the home, close the fireplace damper to avoid heat loss in the rest of the home. Be sure to make it a practice to open the fireplace damper before the fire begins, and close it when done.

Efficiency Tip #2: Chimney Liner

Chimney liners are especially needed for woodburning fireplaces. Creosote builds up during the burning process. This can decrease the chimney efficiency. Chimney lines are great as they provide maximum efficiency for your fireplace and chimney while protecting the masonry from the creosote, the byproduct of the burning process.

Efficiency Tip #3: Flue Damper Seals

Seals weaken over time and if the seals are not tight, you can easily be losing heat in your house through the chimney. Don’t want to check, or not sure if you’re checking it right? No problem…go on to Efficiency Tip #4.

Efficiency Tip #4: Certified Chimney Sweep or Cleaning

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, if you use your fireplace a little or not at all, if it’s woodburning or gas, the fireplace and chimney are to be cleaned and checked each year by a certified chimney technician… Especially, in areas like ours, where there are repeated freeze and thaw cycles through the winter months. This is the best and most efficient way to keep your fireplace and chimney working at peak performance while keeping everyone in the home safe.


These four tips will help keep your home cozy and warm this winter while saving on your energy bills and conserving on energy. Let Superior Chimney clean and check your fireplace and chimney before the real cold winds and weather settle in with our certified chimney technicians. They will take pictures to ensure you have the knowledge and understanding of what we’re seeing…and doing to ensure the warmth, safety and comfort of your home. Contact us today in Lombard, IL at 877-244-6349!

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