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Looking for Options to Stay Warm? Your Chimney Looks Pretty Good.

Looking for Options to Stay Warm? Your Chimney Looks Pretty Good.

You never think it could happen in your chimney.

“I don’t use my fireplace, so why get it cleaned and checked.”

“I installed a chimney cap a few years back. It should be fine.”

“I don’t have any trees around my house. I never hear or see any animals on my roof.”

Chimneys are a fan favorite with birds, squirrels, raccoons and even bats. Chimney’s are warm and cozy, but also provides a level of protection from predators, especially in early Spring. They are curious creatures and will try to explore every little nook and cranny in and around the chimney.

Just this past January, a squirrel made its way through a connector pipe. He was quite smart, and kept himself still when our certified technician was inspecting a problem for a customer. In the first picture, the squirrel did not move. Not sure if he/she was aware you can see his midsection. As our technician slowly lifted the pipe, the squirrel continued to stay completely silent. If he can’t see you, then you don’t see him…right?

If there’s a potential weak spot, animals have the ability to find and exploit it. Here are some ways to protect your home and the animals too.

Do you have a chimney cap?

If you don’t use your fireplace, how often do you think about a chimney cap? A chimney cap can be made from stainless steel (doesn’t rust) or galvanized steel (can rust over time) and covers the flue, or largest opening on your roof that leads to the inside of your home. The wire mesh keeps the animals out while the solid top redirects rainwater and debris from entering.

Why does the chimney cap need to be inspected each year?

chimney cap repair in Independence MO

The chimney and the chimney cap are the highest point of your home. It is constantly exposed to heat/cold, wind, rain and snow. As a result, the screws (and cap) can rust, or the screws can become loose. In addition, the chimney cap may not be installed correctly or with the right materials. Lots of reasons can cause the chimney cap to shift or move allowing that tiny space to become a perfect entry point for animals.

Can any kind of chimney cap work?

Our CSIA certified technicians have seen many creative chimney caps. We’ve seen chimney caps made from chicken mesh to a plastic crate with a brick on top, to hold it in place when it gets windy. The best kind of chimney cap is one that is properly fitted and secured to the chimney. Since our certified technicians perform this work each day, it’s best to schedule one of our technicians to install the chimney cap for you.

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