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An August Chill Fires Up the Chimney

The chill in the air has brought thoughts of a warm fire. With temperatures in the evenings in the 50’s, some have turned to an outdoor fire pit. Although nice, I prefer a little more comfort. Here’s the next best thing. When the sun goes down, open the windows and/or patio doors to get the cool breeze circulating throughout the house. Start the fireplace until you hear the cracking of the wood. Finally, open your favorite beverage and sit in your most comfortable spot with family and friends.

Admit it. With temperatures, tonight in the high 50s, you’ll be enjoying the fireplace.

I must warn you, that if you’re like me and you didn’t have your chimney cleaned and checked in the spring, we have to get it done now.

Let me help dust off the memories of what tasks Superior Chimney performs on the visit to your home.

  1. We’ll check the integrity of the chimney. Meaning, when we use our chimney rods and brushes to clean the fireplace, and we see pieces of clay tile or brick break off, there’s an integrity issue.
  2. Remove creosote or soot from the chimney walls. We’ll also take a look at the flue liner, smoke chamber, smoke shelf, damper and firebox.
  3. Ensure there are no obstructions. Cool temperatures send little creatures to warm places building nests. Not just the animals themselves need to be out, but so do the materials they use to build a cozy floor.

Superior Chimney will give you a 14-point written certified inspection along with pictures. Now you can see what your technician see’s.

By getting it done now, you can enjoy a full fall and winter of the sounds of a crackling fireplace. According to the weather forecasters, the cooler temps are here to stay. Let’s make the most of it.

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