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Chimney Repair: Fact or Fiction

Winter is coming to an end in the Chicago area, which so happens to be the best time to schedule for a chimney repair. In this blog, we will play a game of Fact or Fiction! We will ask you a question about one type of chimney inspection. Before you read on to the answer, think if you have seen this before in your chimney. Can you answer if the question is fact or fiction? Let’s find out…

Fact or Fiction? Tuckpointing is the process of repairing the mortar on the chimney. It’s important, but you don’t have to do it every single year. That’s too labor intensive and expensive.

Now, what do you think?

Answer: Fiction. Your chimney should be checked for repairs every year. If that repair calls for tuckpointing, then it’s very necessary to complete those repairs. Leaving deteriorating masonry will cause your chimney to eventually collapse! If you don’t remember the last time you’ve gotten your chimney tuckpointed, it’s necessary to make an appointment with a chimney professional as soon as possible. Tuckpointing also keeps up the appearance of your chimney, so if you notice any chunks of masonry falling out or a discoloration on the outside of the chimney, you may need tuckpointing. A little goes a long way, and it’s true that tuckpointing is labor intensive. But, it is worth it, your chimney will be in good condition for the next winter burning season.

Fact or Fiction? The masonry on a chimney is very porous. The water can be blocked out of the masonry to keep it from damaging the material.

Answer: Fact. Chimney professionals at Superior Chimney use a waterproofing agent called Chimney Saver. This is a specially made product that releases the vapors from inside your chimney while protecting it from the water outside. The water that is naturally created through condensate from inside the chimney can be released. With the fluctuating weather in Chicagoland, the freeze thaw cycle is in full effect. Water inside the masonry is now freezing up, and with warmer temperatures, melting. The freeze thaw cycle results in serious damage to the chimney’s masonry. This is another reason why Chimney Saver is highly advisable by chimney professionals.

Fact or Fiction? Chimney fires cause more damage than water leaks. 

Answer: Fiction. Water is your chimney’s enemy. Rain, snow, freeze thaw cycles…the list goes on. Your chimney is constantly exposed to the elements, quickly deteriorating it. Water inside your chimney flue causes rust to the steel components and other metal parts. Water outside the chimney causes structural damage and potential rebuilds. A fire will not completely take down your chimney, but water will! A chimney professional often has to rebuild a customer’s chimney. Sometimes partially, with tuckpointing and repointing, and other times, they need a whole new chimney rebuild! Getting your chimney waterproofed by a chimney professional is the essential way to help protect it from water damage.

Thinking About a Chimney Repair?

If you noticed any water damage to the inside or outside of your chimney and suspect you need a chimney repair, contact a Superior Chimney professional today at 877-244-6349. We will perform a chimney inspection first, then help with any necessary repairs to bring you into the springtime season worry free. 

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