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Chimney Repair: Fact or Fiction

Winter is coming to an end in the Chicago area, which so happens to be the best time to schedule for a chimney repair. In this blog, we will play a game of Fact or Fiction! We will ask you a question about one type of chimney inspection. Before you read on to the answer, […]

Help, My Fireplace Stinks!

Fireplace smell is no secret to a chimney professional. Though you may want to hide a smelly living room from friends or neighbors, we are used to it! We hear this complaint about smelly fireplaces all the time. Superior Chimney is called throughout Chicago and the Chicago area to help inspect, clean and repair chimneys, […]

The (Un)Forgettable Cleaning Project

Having trouble remembering to schedule a dryer vent sweep? We aren’t surprised! Ah, remember the days in December and January of the freezing cold weather in Chicagoland? Sweaters piled up in the laundry room waiting to be washed? These many sweaters consistently being washed over the winter do take a toll on your dryer vent. […]

What Makes “Chimney Potholes”?

The freeze thaw cycle is an unfortunate way your chimney experiences damage in the fall, winter and spring months. Have you ever noticed the road during springtime? Even without salt, the very porous asphalt/concrete is freezing and thawing. This process causes annoying potholes & cracks. The same goes for chimneys! The material that holds masonry […]

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