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The ABC’s of Tuckpointing Chimney Repair

The ABC’s of tuckpointing chimney repair include chimney size, repair and materials. Have you ever browsed online, especially a website like Instagram or Facebook, and saw photos of perfect homes? It feels like you do home repairs almost every day! Those home improvement shows on HGTV make a living off of the perfect interior and exterior of the home, and promising that if you complete the steps on their program, you’d achieve the same. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as the media makes it seem. Yet, your chimney can look TV ready, with the help of a chimney professional! Superior Chimney will help you with your chimney repair, but in order to begin, you must learn the ABC’s of tuckpointing chimney repair. 

A Brief Review of Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is the process of repairing the damaged brick or stone mortar on the external part of the chimney. It’s good to get a tuckpointing chimney repair in order to fully ensure that your chimney is safe and in working order. Trying tuckpointing yourself is not encouraged, because a chimney professional uses specialized methods in order to enhance the aesthetic of your chimney, and check for and fix any further repairs. 

Tuckpointing Materials

Tuckpointing materials include the color and type of brick mortar or stone mortar that will make up the structure of your chimney. Usually, the brick color and mortar will contrast or compliment the color of your home. Tuckpointing your chimney will ensure that the chimney is up to working standard. Tuckpointing repair minimizes deterioration while repairing all flaws currently present. Post tuckpointing, a chimney professional will add a layer of Chimney Saver on top to prevent further deterioration from water damage. Chimney saver repels water from the harsh Chicagoland weather changes, such as rain, freezing temperatures, and humidity. 

Functioning Repair

Your chimney is more than an eye catcher for the passerby. Sure, while your neighbors are walking their dog, they’ll most definitely catch a glimpse of your chimney. However, a chimney serves an important role in your home. If the chimney is very damaged, you see chunks of brick or mortar falling off, or even a missing brick, the chimney will surely collapse eventually. A collapsed chimney is a serious repair that requires a chimney rebuild. You certainly won’t be able to use the chimney, as toxic gasses may become blocked in the flue and flow back into your home. It’s important to hire a Superior Chimney professional to ensure the function of your chimney!

Tuckpointing Chimney Repair: Next Steps

If you’ve noticed some damage to the outside of your chimney, want an aesthetic makeover, or are worried about hidden damages, calling a Superior Chimney professional will certainly ease your worries. We have extensive experience around the Chicagoland area repairing chimneys and educating homeowners about keeping their chimney and home safe. Call us today for a chimney inspection, your first step for a tuckpointing chimney repair, at 877-244-6349.

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