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Are There Ghosts in My Chimney?

Are There Ghosts in My Chimney? by Superior Chimney

As the children walked home from a fruitful night of trick or treating, they looked up at the sky to  admire the full moon on Halloween night. It’s large size and red-tint color brightened up the cloudless sky. The night sky seemed to place the children in a trance as their hands slowly, almost in unison, reached for the sky as to touch the moon. Its bright red glow illuminated the rooftops but darkened the homes underneath. As they gazed up at the sky, it seemed that the children were forced to stop and stare at the tall structures sticking out from the rooftop.

It was the chimney.

Some of the chimney’s were still and silent, while others had a hint of smoke circling as it exits into the night air. The children never paid attention to the chimney before. They just knew it was there…part of the houses in the neighborhood. On this Halloween night, the chimney made its debut.

“I can’t stop looking!” one child said quietly. “Me neither!” said another. The glow of the moon gave new light to the chimney. The age shown through from the harsh rains, wind and hail from years of standing alone. It’s the forgotten chimney.

The moonlight knew how to expose the chimney’s truths of missing bricks, empty spaces and what looked like creatures entering and exiting from the chimney top. “What’s going on up there?”  The children wondered if ghosts were going in and out of the chimney, knocking the bricks loose.  

The children made their way to a friend’s home and were invited inside to sort through their bag of candy. They were glad they were safe inside. As the friends gathered in the family room to sort through their candy, the aroma of chocolate filled every corner of the room. The pile of chocolate candy grew higher and hirer on the floor, as the smell of chocolate floated into the fireplace and up the chimney. The scent of chocolate was so strong, the neighbors were peeking through their windows.

As the children sat on the floor, winding down their feast of chocolate, they faintly heard the sound of leaves rustling and a small scratching sound. The unfamiliar noise captured the children’s attention as they all stopped at once. Their eyes met one another, yet no one moved. Their gaze moved to the fireplace and up to the chimney. “What was that sound?”    

As they sat quietly on the floor, unable to decide what to do next. “I’ll go get my Mom and Dad.” “Don’t move!” another one said. “I’ll be okay, I’ll crawl out.” The young man made his way to his hands and knees. Gently he picked up one hand and knee, moving in a forward motion. Once out of the family room, he got up and ran to where his parents were sitting.

The brave parents stayed on their feet as they entered the family room listening for the sounds. The looked at each other and knew what was happening. They picked up the phone and the children knew the police would be here any minute to find the ghost in the chimney. I heard Mom and Dad’s voice on the phone, “Hello Superior Chimney, we need for you to inspect our chimney.” The children knew the experts would be out soon and the ghost would be gone.

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