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Leaves and Tree Limbs Over Your Chimney

Changing of the season is in full swing! Beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves contrast against dark tree branches make for beautiful scenery. With the winds we’ve experienced this week, along with a bit of rain, brought the first wave of leaves and branches falling to the ground…gutters…roof… and chimney.

Fall Clean Up

Protect your chimney against Fall and Winter damage by trimming away any branches and limbs that overhang the chimney. Keeping the area clear of debris will help save on potential repairs. Here’s why:

  • Falling leaves can enter the chimney. Dry leaves are flammable, while wet leaves decay, leaving a musky sweet smell in your home.
  • Empty branches can break, splint, crack and fall making their way inside the chimney. In Winter, snow weighs down branches causing them to scrape the sides or top of the chimney. This can affect wear on the mortar, chimney crown and bricks causing the materials to weaken leading to water leaks, faster deterioration and more.

Chimney Obstructions

We all enjoy the shade that the trees provide. It even helps to keep the home cool on those very hot days by providing some shade. But with the good comes a caution. Small twigs, leaves, branches, seeds pods and even acorns fall from the tree and get into the chimney. That’s why it’s vital to have a chimney cap.

We have seen many homemade chimney caps, such as chicken wire or a plastic crate covering the chimney (Yes, it’s true). Although creative, its best to install a professional grade chimney cap. These durable structures help to keep snow, rain, debris and animals from making your chimney their home. A  properly installed chimney cap will also minimize wind downdrafts that can cause smoke to backup from the fireplace.

Trees + Chimney = Drafting

Tree limbs that are close to the chimney may cause drafting problems. This occurs when the tree limb and branches are taller than the chimney itself. These are the branches and limbs that need to be cut back.

Keeping the space clear above the chimney allows the chimney to draft more consistently and help keep the fire inside your home healthy and able to draw out any smoke and gas. This is important for the health of your home, family, and environment.

What’s Next?

 This is a great time to get those trees in shape. Then prepare to enjoy your fireplace, whether it’s woodburning or gas, by ensuring your chimney is clear and free from debris, animals, dry or rotting leaves and branches. Superior Chimney’s technicians are certified by the CSIA organization. Check out our credentials here.

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