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5 Ways to prepare Your Fireplace for the Cold Weather

I took a quick poll asking family, friends and even strangers, “Did you turn on your furnace?” It was an impressive 80% that answered, Fireplace“No.” Then I asked a follow up question, “Did you use your fireplace?” That was more interesting with a 50% “Yes” 50% ”No”.

Surprised by the results?

I found the reasons for keeping the furnace on ‘off’ more entertaining: ‘I just can’t do it yet’, ‘it’ll get warmer’, ‘we’ll survive’ and the standard, ‘I need to buy a filter’. Those with a reason for bypassing the furnace turned to the fireplace for warmth. But when I asked, “Was your fireplace cleaned and checked before you built a fire?” Only 15% said “Yes”.

Well that’s concerning.

Here are 5 Ways to Prepare Your Fireplace for the Cool and Cold Weather

1. Get a chimney sweep to remove any soot, creosote and debris. Call 877-244-6349 or fill out the form

2. Check for damage. It’s not easy to get up on the roof or know exactly what to look for so when Superior Chimney comes out for your chimney sweep, we’ll inspect the chimney for cracks, missing or loose mortar or any loose bricks.

3. Inspect the chimney liner. Not an easy one to inspect, so we’ll do it for you. We’ll be checking for any cracks or deterioration on the chimney liner.

4. Test the chimney damper. Does it open and close all the way? Easily?

5. Install a cap on the chimney. I know a little tough, so we’ll check it out. We’ll also be looking for little critters that needed to find a warm place to stay as well. The chimney cap will help keep them outside.

Okay it’s time for the remainder of the 85% to call Superior Chimney at 877-CHIM-FIX 877-244-6349. We may have a couple warm days left, but those cold ones will be settling in quickly. Let’s all have a warm and cozy fall season.

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