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Pre-Season for Fireplaces & Chimneys

It’s that time of year where pre-season fireplaces & chimneys is all the rage!

Never heard of pre-season fireplaces & chimneys? It’s similar to pre-season football. It’s the 4 weeks coachprior to the start of the regular season where the coaches make their decisions about fine tuning the team…who to keep and who to cut.

We’re in the 4 weeks prior to starting the fire in the fireplace. These four weeks are your time to prepare the fireplace and make decisions about its performance.

Let’s get started:
• This is critter time! Critters are searching for a nice warm place to stay for the winter. Be sure to check the chimney cap. Does it need replacing? Is it rusted? Old? Easy to move?
• Are the bricks loose? Does the mortar look sunken into the bricks? If so, let’s get that repaired.
• Is the metal flashing coming away from the brick chimney leaving space for water to get in?

• If you have glass doors, or grate in front of the fireplace, clean it. I’ll guarantee you’ll find a few spider webs.
• Make sure the bottom of the fireplace is cleaned out from last year’s firewood.
• Check if cold/warm air is coming down the chimney. Does it seem drafty?
• Make sure all items near the fireplace are within safety range. No accidents would be great.

Okay, Team Superior Chimney is ready for pre-season fireplaces & chimneys. Call us today to get started. 877-CHIM-FIX or 877-244-6349. Visit online:

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