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Every one of our service technicians is Nationally Certified by CSIA (the Chimney Safety Institute of America).  Here are some vital service details:

Heating Appliance Chimneys…

Chimneys vent carbon monoxide from water heaters, furnaces and boilers which all burn natural gas in order to heat the water and air in your home. They present a carbon monoxide hazard when not properly or sufficiently functioning.  This happens due to insufficient chimney draft, negative in-home pressure issues, or obstruction due to internal collapsed chimney tiles or nesting from raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats, etc. – All of which can disable your home heating system from continuing to function and/or cause carbon monoxide back up into the home.

Chimney Repairs & Rebuilds…

We have rectified many chimneys that have partially fallen and that have completely collapsed due to weather events, lack of annual maintenance and a combination of the two. Maintaining your chimney is important because it is an integral part of the vital functions of your home heating system, as mentioned above.

Dryer Vents…

Partial or fully clogged dryer vents will prevent laundry from completely drying within one cycle, as it should – This is one of the top 5 leading causes of home fires in the U.S. as lint is extremely flammable.


                 …These are only some of many essential services, for example.



What You Can Expect Before Your Certified Technician Comes to Your Home:

We take many steps to protect you and our employees who diligently come to work each day. In addition to our normal cleaning practices… our office, warehouse and all service vehicles are sanitized regularly with a fogger using a solution called Nisus DSV Disinfectant. This formula is the same solution used by hospitals and schools. We are making sure that we maintain the best work environment for our employees and technicians that service your home.

What You Can Expect At Your Home:

Servicing chimneys can be a dirty job and we are already experts at being sanitary while doing it.  We’re dealing with soot, ash, burnt material, creosote, cobwebs, dead animals, nesting, debris, etc. Superior Chimney continues to adhere to strict sanitary practices.

  • All of our certified chimney technicians wear shoe covers and gloves throughout the service process.
  • A clean tarp is the only thing that touches your home. All of our equipment is on top of the tarp – This is the best way to protect your home.
  • Our Certified Technicians are mandated to clean their hands between jobs or appointments, a number of times throughout the day, it has long been habitual.
  • If one of our technicians isn’t feeling well? We tell him/her to stay home. It’s common practice.


…Rest assured, we are a diligent part of prevention & maintenance!

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