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What To Do About a Chimney Leak?!

A chimney can be an obvious place where a chimney leak can occur. The chimney extends to the sky, many times as the highest point of your home. Not to mention, there’s a hole at the top that needs to be covered, and cement and bricks that are porous! It’s pretty obvious that chimney leaks can occur all year round.

What are some signs of a chimney leak?

  • A pool of a water in the fireplace
  • White discoloration on the outside of your chimney
  • Musty odors coming from the chimney
  • Dampness in your home
  • The dripping sound of water
  • Stains on the ceiling near the fireplace

A not so obvious or visual reason for a chimney leak include deterioration on the outside of your chimney. Do you notice any of these indicators of a chimney leak in your home? If your answer is yes, call Superior Chimney as soon as possible! As summer begins in the Chicagoland area, we will only experience more rain storms, and the damage from water leaks will only get worse with time. 

5 Reason for a Chimney Leak

  1. You don’t have a chimney cap, or it’s broken. We talked a lot about chimney caps in our past blogs. A chimney needs a cap for the same reasons a house needs a roof!  They’re so important in keeping your chimney in tip-top shape. A chimney cap keeps most of the rainwater from falling into the flue, and pooling in the fireplace. A damaged chimney cap will cause water to leak into your home.
  2. Cracks in the chimney crown. A chimney crown is the cement part of your chimney that keeps water from dripping onto the bricks, stone or siding. If the cracks in the chimney crown are big enough, water will drip through. Cracking on the chimney crown is not uncommon, but it’s important to keep up with the maintenance of repairing them. Hairline cracks are bad enough, the bigger the cracks get, the worse the leaking!
  3. Condensation. If you’ve already replaced your chimney cap and crown and still suspect a chimney leak, then condensation might be your problem. There may be a structural problem with your chimney, and a professional will have to check to make sure warm gasses are not becoming stuck in the flue, and creating condensation leaks.
  4. Gaps in the flashing. Flashings seal the base of your chimney. They’re meant to stop water from getting into your home. But, the flashing doesn’t last forever. If there’s a weathered seal, or the flashing is lifting up, water will make its way in.
  5. Masonry Cracks. This is a common reason for a chimney leak. Cracks in masonry are caused by the freeze thaw cycle in fall, winter and spring. Water is absorbed in the masonry and creates cracks. The cracks become bigger over time, and eventually will lead to chimney leaks.

Repairing a Chimney Leak

Worried you have a chimney leak? Maybe you noticed something in your home. Superior Chimney certified technicians can help. Our chimney inspections are thorough and professionally presented. Call us to book an inspection at 877-244-6349.

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