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Cicadas in the Chimney – Are They Trying to Get In?

Superior Chimney has been answering many questions about cicadas in the chimney. We thought it would be useful to discuss what you can do now before the billions of cicadas emerge from the ground and the worry about cicadas in the chimney begin.

The Arrival of the Cicadas

There are over 3,000 species of cicadas and Northern Illinois experiences two kinds of cicadas. The green cicadas come out every year between July and September. I’m sure you’ve seen them, as I know I have in my garage. However, the one that we are anticipating their arrival is the second kind of cicadas that is due to arrive in mid May and lasts through mid to maybe late June. Timing may fluctuate a bit, as they will come out of the ground as the soil warms up.

Is It Dangerous to My Chimney?

Cicadas are part of the eco-system and their arrival is important. It will be a bit overwhelming when they emerge as many will be in your grass, all over the driveway and you will see them on your home, trees, bushes and much more. We want to keep them safely on the outside of our homes as much as possible. That means you need to prepare now to keep them out of your chimney. Cicadas are not purposely trying to get into your home, most times they fall in. They emerge from the ground for a purpose, so let’s help them out by keeping them out of your chimney and your home.

Preparing Now with a Chimney Sweep

Just like critters, insects and debris, if there is a space in the brick mortar or a missing or broken chimney cap, you might just want to put a ‘Welcome’ sign at the top of the exterior chimney. If it’s a space to crawl in, unwanted guests will (as well as the weather elements)!

If you are concerned about cicadas in the chimney happening to you, call Superior Chimney today 877-244-6349. Here’s a preview of what our certified chimney technicians will do for you.

14-Point Certified Written Inspection and Photo Documentation

It is important to know what a certified technician does during their visit to your home. This is because for some of the inspection the technician can get to places you, as the homeowner, normally don’t or can’t. For instance, chimney technicians have tools that they use in order to clean the interior of the chimney. These are long rods and brushes that can reach places to determine the integrity of the chimney. If there are pieces of tile or brick that come down, there’s a problem.

As the chimney technician goes through the checklist one by one to ensure all areas have been fully inspected, you receive digital photos so you can ‘see’ for yourself what’s going on. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean something bad is occurring. It means you can see it for yourself. This is especially true for the exterior part of the chimney.

Exterior Chimney

This is one of the main ways the cicadas will get in the chimney. Again, they are not interested in coming into your home, as they are not looking for warmth. They are looking for something else (if you know what I mean…) Since they are only out of the ground for 30 to 45 days, let’s help them out.

The chimney technician will check numerous areas such as the chimney cap, chimney crown, brick / stone mortar and flashing.

Chimney cap – The chimney cap serves an important purpose. It keeps the weather elements, debris, critters and the cicadas out of the chimney and your home. The chimney technician will check for its integrity, if it’s secure, rusted and even there!  Better yet, get a termination damper installed which seals out everything… not even a little gnat or fly can get in past a closed termination damper!

Chimney Crown and Chimney Brick / Stone Mortar – both crack. The cracks can be small, or large. We don’t want the weather elements or insects (cicadas) to enter the home through the cracks.

Flashing – Flashing is located at the base of the chimney. If that begins to separate (which over time it does) the space allows weather elements and even bugs to enter the home.

Keep Out!

Let’s keep your home safe and secure with a certified chimney inspection by Superior Chimney.  Call us at 877-244-6349.

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